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This is your senior year. Your best yet. Should your senior photos be any less? I simply don't think so. You're busy this year. Trying to fit in every moment with your favorite activity and friends all while maintaining those good grades to get in the school of your dreams. Throw in some community service at the animal shelter and family time and you've got it covered! I'm looking for seniors who are outgoing, driven, excited about life and their senior year and are ready to spend some time capturing exactly who that person is during this last chapter of the current book. Maybe you're looking for an authentically you senior session or maybe you're looking for a little more (Hello, Senior Influencer Program!) Either way, your senior session documents your biggest milestone to date and helps mom and dad as they prepare for you to leave the nest. I promise you'll look back at these 10 years from now and the memories will come flooding back.

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Everyone is uncomfortable in front of the camera. I. AM. UNCOMFORTABLE. IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA. Good news for you is that I am not uncomfortable BEHIND the camera (See what I did there?). In fact, that's one of my strengths! We're going to have some fun, I'm telling you now, so you better bring it. I also guarantee that you will spend a good portion of your session just laughing at me doing all the things to get great images for you. Your session will be both posed and candid. Grandma happens to love that close up of your face hanging on her wall, so we'll be sure to get that. We'll also get that perfect profile picture of you just being you. Have no worries, we will capture it all!



OK, so maybe this one is more for mom and dad. Nonetheless it's important to know that I'm dedicated to providing a professional session and customer centric experience. I want to create heirloom art for your home that will decorate your walls for years to come. Albums that will fill your coffee tables and book shelves so that when your child comes back home from college, they can relish in those memories from their best year. These memories we're gathering are just as important as the day your child was born.



This is a two way street, friend. I love your ideas and since no two people are alike, it's important to share your vision with me! The more we communicate on what you're looking for from your senior session, the more we come up with something truly unique and A L L Y-O-U! Maybe it's bringing your four legged fur baby or the instrument you've marched with the last 4 years. Perhaps you want to find the perfect outfit you've been eyeing at your favorite boutique and you want it photographed in your favorite hiking spot. I'm open to all the ideas that make your session feel most special, because after all, YOU. ARE. SPECIAL.

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Fun, Friends and (F)oto Shoots! Are you ready to be on the first Blue Sage Influencer Team?

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a creative experience for the modern, bold and magnetic senior