Tips for the Candid Family Photos || Fort Collins CO

March 11, 2018

This beautiful Mommy and Me Session in Fort Collins was just what my heart needed at the time! In case you don’t know,  summertime is my f a v o r i t e  season!! Warm weather, green grass, light for days… it’s all there. This family had just gotten back from beautiful Ann Marie Island in Florida and momma was itching for a session with her babies. It was absolute perfection, as you will see.

I could talk all day about how beautiful these turned out ( I really love them that much). However, I think it’s more important to note how candid and natural these are. See, everyone wants this look but it’s not as easy as it seems. We get in our own way (Surprise! Surprise!) and what I find even funnier, is that no one talks about it.  They rocked the unposed look and I’m going to tell you how, right now…

1. Take my prompts seriously. 
Because I do. And I’m over here trying to remember them all. So, if you could play along… that would be great!

2. Be comfortable just being yourself.
It’s not awkward for me, it’s awkward for you. But it shouldn’t be. You should see the things I do behind the camera to get your child to smile at me when I want them to smile at me. It’s ridiculous. Are you a lovey-dovey couple? Then do it! Do you spin your kid around like a carnival ride? Even better! Let’s see this amazing trick. The more you can be you, the better it photographs and the more natural and candid you photos turn out.

3. Have things to talk about.
I will literally give you the prompt to talk amongst yourselves and you wouldn’t believe how hard it is. There are times to have a fun chat and times to have a serious loving chat. Have some things in mind that you can talk about to get everyone relaxed and interacting. Your photographer thanks you!

4. Don’t always force your kids to look at the camera. 
I get it. Their faces are so.dang.cute. and I love them too. But I’ll get those because I want them as much as you do. However, please do not give your kid the warning beforehand to ‘be sure to look at the camera!’ It’s so hard to undo that!

5. Don’t worry about how YOU look. 
This one is so hard, for myself included by the way. I promise to find alllllll the flattering poses and angles to make you look your best. Just relax. Interact, Interact, Interact. Everything else will be great!

6.  Do be mindful of your facial expressions.
This always cracks me up and I’m not sure people know they do it, but when your child opens their mouth like ‘OOOHHHHHH’… the momma’s do it too. Cute on your kiddo but I’m not sure you wanted to see your tonsils in all your photos too! A beautiful smile to acknowledge your child’s cuteness is the best. When cuddling them close, shut your eyes and enjoy the moment. When talking with them, give them the Smize  – it works, I promise.

7.  Be Silly.
I see you. I know you can have a good time. Show me just how much fun you can have, I dare you.

8. Don’t have unrealistic expectations.
In the end, let’s be real with what you’re expecting. I know that I don’t always have the best laughing face… laugh maybe… but not my actual laughing face. We’re not all supermodels. Be real about you and your family. I promise we will get the most authentic images possible!

9 & 10. (because I’m a freak and needed to be at 10)
HAVE FUN. Actual fun. Enjoy your time. For REAL.
Does this really need an explanation? Bring it.

So those are my tips… from a photographers perspective to my future clients. I hope it helps you because only TOGETHER can we create the images you’re dying to have.

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Location: Running Deer Natural Area