Hadley Turns 4

February 18, 2019

As I started to write the title of this blog, I actually went to write 3… not 4. If that doesn’t tell you how unbelievable that is, I don’t know what else can.

4. As in 4 years. 1,460 days. 35,040 hours. It feels like yesterday but guys, 4 years is a long time. And here she is, without further delay, my little Hadley and what she’s been up to.

First of all. This smile. It’s the best.

Sometimes I have to remember this smile because this little sassy-pants gets the best of me and my mom patience meter breakdown.

A highlight of Hadley’s year was being a flower girl in her Aunt Jackie’s wedding. If you’d like to check out the beautiful day, it’s here! The girls did AH-MAZ-ING and I was so proud! Below, is a picture of my mom and dad with me and the girls. Hadley was over it, obviously. She looks a lot like my dad here – which is so funny to me! The three of us on the left, well, we’re clearly related.

This girl loves to do her own thing. Most days she is trying to be as independent as her sister. This particular summer day, she was trying to make Lemonade on her own. The tongue focus comes straight from her daddy’s side. It’s one of my favorite things.

Painting is one of Hadley’s favorite things to do. This girl is such a free spirit it’s hard to tell her how to do anything. The picture on the right will forever show the girls’ different personalities. That’s the beauty of photographs at it’s finest. Capturing those moments that you see but then forget because you’re busy doing other things.

The epitome of summer.

Matching dresses and still so different. Someone (not naming any names) wasn’t up for having her picture taken this day.

First time meeting Santa. She was a ROCKSTAR!!!

2018’s Family Photo Session. This is her candy smile. See if you can spot it throughout the rest of the photos.

I present ‘the boyfriend embarasser’

Someday this photo will be pulled out to show their boyfriends how cute they were. I’m really looking forward to that moment.

And it’s gone. The candy smile disappeared. She was over it but still being very patient with me. I have this printed largely on my wall and she looks at it ever so often and says, where is the photo with my candy smile? I had it on! HA! I’d like to remember that statement, forever.

I’m going to make a better effort this year of photographing my own children more. Even videoing them. I love to look back at these and I just want more and more!

To my Miss Hadley Ray. You are the spice in our life. The baby of the family to a ‘T’. You are sassy and a know what you want kind of girl. I love your love for cooking and cleaning and even your OCD tendencies. You’re going to be an amazing human and if I have enough hair by the time that happens, we will all consider that a win. I love you and your little love noises, your demand for snuggles and every little quirk along the way.