Oh Hey There!

This is me! Barefoot and Ripped Jeans..... You can call me Jen... or Jennifer. BUT NEVER JENNY. (Yes, that deserved shouty caps!)

In case you don't already know, I'm honored and humbled that you're here, considering me. There are many to choose from and I know it's a personal decision; your photographer makes memories that you will keep forever. I'm hoping that you'll see not only my work but my personality while visiting. I always joke that my clients are just my friends, so therefore, you should know a little more about me (although the Jenny thing is a big deal)!

-I'm a wife of 10 years to my soul mate and best friend, Nick.
-I'm also a momma of two girls - Josephine (9) and Hadley (4) and we have one four-legged boxer baby, cooper.
-I have music ADD so my playlist is crazy!
-I believe in the woo. Trust in the process. Trust in your gut. Do the things.
-You'll often find me in sweatpants and a hat when I don't need to be anywhere fancy.
-My heart is split right down the middle between Colorado and Wyoming.
-I l o v e motivational books and podcasts. I'm always trying to learn and grow.
-My next career will be a life coach.
- I am an extroverted, creative type a, and a natural born leader.
-My tribe is everything. I have a set of close family and friends that I'd do anything for. They are my biggest support system and drive for all I do.

my philsophy

You have this one time to capture your life as it is today. The exact way that it is right now, because life. changes. quickly. The ebb and flow of life is the most beautiful and also the biggest struggle. I know you're painfully aware that you'll never get this minute, that day or even your favorite event back. It's the why behind what I do. I get to give you those memories back. I'm humbled by the idea that we, together, create the images that you'll show your grandkids and they someday will show theirs. Photographs need to remind us of our past so that we can continue to live in the present. I believe that our time together needs to be an experience, not a chore, so that you come back wanting more. I whole-heartedly feel that what I do is much more than clicking a shutter button. I create moments you collect for your future self and those closest to you. The preservation of memories is why I believe that images needs to live printed; hanging on walls and displayed in albums. Not just on our computer screens, social media sites and on our phones. Images need to be touched and viewed daily so that we can remember the moments quickly and often. I create moments that you’ll collect for your future self and those closest to you. Photographs are priceless.

our stories