the reason I'm passionate about your images.

You have this one time to capture your life as it is today.

Life changes quickly.

I’m humbled by the idea that we, together, create the images you’ll show your grandkids and they someday will show theirs.

Photographs need to remind us of our past so that we can continue to live in the present. I whole-heartedly feel that what I do is much more than clicking a shutter button. I photograph people because I want to give them the happiness of priceless memories.

It’s my creative outlet as well as my service to the world.

and my journey to this point

I didn’t always photograph people… but I have been a photographer for what feels like my whole life. When I was a kid, I had this cute little purple camera that I swear I carted with me everywhere. In school, I focused on the dark room, shot abstract things and loved every minute of it. As the digital age has come, I also loved the instant gratification of seeing my images and am astounded by the technology that exists. However, with all that experience, I never actually found that ‘soul’ purpose until I started photographing people.

All it took was one brave day to decide to live outside of fear and take the leap.

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a few of my favorite things


These three make my whole world go round. This guy has to take care of all three of us and that job deserves an award. seriously.


It lights me on fire and I come away feeling so refreshed and inspired. Here, my husband and I met Nahko!!!


OMG. Do you see me right here?!? Who doesn’t love a good #tbt and that Halloween costume making a couple appearances? Puh-Lease!


When the mountains are different shades of blue, it's the best of the best.


Doing something outside of the norm

Baby boy in a field


This little man that we added to our life which made us Bohlig Party of 5... or The B5 as I like to say.

6 6

my thoughts and musings

In case you don’t already know, I’m honored and humbled that you’re here, considering me. There are many to choose from and I know it’s a personal decision; your photographer makes memories that you will keep forever. I’m hoping that you’ll see not only my work but my personality while visiting. I always joke that my clients are just my friends, so therefore, you should take a look at what I’ve been up to. Below are my latest personal blog posts. Enjoy!

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